Can You Use A Frying Pan On A Barbecue?

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Barbecuing is a technique that is used worldwide in different cuisines. People barbecue in outdoor settings where the food is in direct contact with the heat generated by either charcoal or gas.

However, some people are skeptical about exposing their food to high heat and wonder if they can use a frying pan on a barbeque.

You can use a frying pan made from a material having high-temperature tolerance on a barbecue. You can use frying pans made of cast iron and cast aluminum without the fear of it melting or burning. However, do not use pans made of Teflon and other plastic polymers.

This article will examine the details of using a frying pan on a barbecue and why it is best to use pans made from specific materials. Moreover, it will also discuss when and where you can use a frying pan instead of a grilling pan.

Can You Use a Frying Pan on a Barbecue?

You can use certain types of frying pans on a barbecue. The barbecue method generates a lot of uneven heat, especially if you are using charcoal. So some people prefer using a pan, which gives them more control over the exposure of heat on the food.

Frying pans have a flat surface, and it ensures an even distribution of heat on the surface of the pan. Consequently, it allows the food to cook equally from all sides.

Moreover, if you do not have experience in barbecuing, using a pan might save you from the embarrassment of serving a meal burnt at one end and undercooked at the other.

Using a pan on a barbecue will also solve the problem of some people who like the smoky depth of barbecue but do not prefer the strong smell and taste of charcoal or wood chips. Some people also dislike char on their food and employing a pan while barbecuing can help with this issue.

  • Using a pan also gives you the liberty and space to saute your sides and vegetables along with the main dish. It will reduce the time and effort to prepare the entire meal.

However, using a frying pan on such a high heat has its demerits. Using a pan will help you cook, but it will be challenging to clean the utensils afterward.

The extreme heat of the barbecue will not damage the pans made of the suitable material, but it will still burn the flat surface, and it will require some effort to clean them.

One solution to remove these stains and burns is to dissolve two tablespoons of salt in hot water and spread the solution on a sliced potato. Then, use the potato to clear the dirty marks. 

After that, scrub the pan with a brush and wash it with clean water.

What Pans Can You Use on a BBQ?

There are different varieties of frying pans available in the market. Before using a pan, you have to make sure that it is safe to use because a barbecue can heat the pan to up to 350 °C (662 °F), and it can easily damage your pan or cause an injury.

Frying pans made of cast iron and cast aluminum are perfect to use on a barbecue. A frying pan made of cast iron can withstand a temperature of up to 816 °C (1500 °F). Additionally, a cast aluminum pan can tolerate temperatures up to 750 °C (1382 °F). Both are well-suited for barbecues. 

However, it would be best not to use a frying pan made of Teflon or any other plastic polymer. Teflon has a temperature resistance limit of 260 °C (500 °F)

  • If you use a Teflon-made pan, it will start to melt in the extreme heat and release toxic fumes that will contaminate your food and affect your health as well.

Moreover, it would be good not to use a non-stick pan on the barbecue either. The high heat will deteriorate the non-sticking ability of the pan.

Additionally, avoid using stainless steel pans. These pans, too, have comparatively low tolerance to heat. However, you can use a carbon steel pan because it can withstand a temperature of up to 427 °C (800°F).

Another thing to remember is that the pan’s handle should also be of the same sturdy material as the pan’s surface. If the cast iron pan has a plastic handle, it will melt quickly and can burn your hand in the process too.

Check out this popular YouTube video that shows the difference between cast iron and stainless steel pans.

Can You Use a Frying Pan Instead of a Grill Pan?

The main difference between a frying pan and a grill pan is that a frying pan has a flat surface, whereas a grill pan has vertical or horizontal ridges for the base.

You can use a frying pan instead of a grill pan for cooking food. The food will cook the same. However, whatever you cook will not have grill marks on it due to the missing ridges.

The ridges in a grill pan help to drip the excess oil from the food, so if you are using a frying pan, it would be best to transfer the cooked food to a plate of tissues to get rid of the excess fat and grease.

Using a frying pan instead of a grill pan will also cause less food to stick on the surface. Moreover, it is easier to clean the flat surface of a frying pan than the ridges because it will take more time and effort to clean the stains between the grill pan’s ridges.

Final Thoughts

A frying pan is an essential utensil that you can use on the stove and on a barbecue to cook food. However, it is crucial to use only those pans that can withstand the extreme heat of the barbecue.

It is not easy to adjust the temperature of a pan on a charcoal-based barbecue. However, if you have a gas barbecue, you will have better control over the pan’s temperature.

You can also use a frying pan instead of a grill pan as well. It has a uniform base, and it is easier to clean than a grill pan.