Can You Use A Non-Stick Pan On A Grill?

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Summer is quickly passing us by, but that doesn’t mean that grilling season is over. When preparing for grilling, it’s essential to know which pot and pan types are grill-safe. One of these often questioned pans is non-stick pans. 

You can’t use a non-stick pan on a grill because it isn’t safe on a grill, as the intense heat could destroy its non-stick coating. This would cause the components of the pan to char and possibly break down, making it very difficult to clean and cook with the pan in the long run.

Grilling a high-quality meal requires using the right kinds of materials, or your meal preparation could result in disaster.

This article will look at different pan types to see which are safe for grilling and which aren’t. I’ll also explore the best cookware to choose for grilling, so keep reading.

Why You Can’t Use a Non-Stick Pan on a Gas Grill

Non-stick pans are coated with polytetrafluoroethylene, which works in the same way that butter or oil does. 

This material is designed for a low and slow style of cooking and isn’t suitable for grilling purposes. When the heat gets too high, the polytetrafluoroethylene will begin to peel away. 

These pans certainly have their place in the grilling realm, but if you’re trying to grill at extremely high temperatures, this isn’t the pan to use.

Can You Use a Teflon Pan on a Grill?

You can’t use a Teflon pan on a grill because extreme temperatures cause the Teflon coating to break down and peel away from the pan. Teflon pans are coated with similar material as non-stick pans, thus the same grilling restrictions should be applied. 

Teflon pans and non-stick pans should only be used for grilling over low heat so that the pan does not become compromised. If you are grilling at low temperatures, Teflon and non-stick pans will be fine, but just to be safe, this isn’t recommended. 

Additionally, if Teflon pans become scratched or damaged in any way, they should be immediately recycled and put out of commission. Particles from damaged Teflon pans can get into the food being cooked on the pan and present a severe health risk to anyone eating it. 

Is Aluminum a Good Option for Grilling?

Aluminum is a good option for grilling because it holds heat from the grill better than many other materials. It also makes for very even cooking on the grill. Disposable aluminum baking pans are an excellent option to avoid heavy clean up after grilling.

Can Steel Pans Be Used for Grilling?

Steel pans can be safely used for grilling. Steel baking sheets and pans are designed to hold up under intense heat and perfect high-heat grilling. A good point of reference for steel, ceramic, and glass baking pans is that if you can use them in an oven, you can use them on a grill. 

It’s becoming very popular to prepare pizzas and baked goods on a smoker or grill. This type of preparation is similar to oven preparation, making it perfect for camping trips or trying something different. 

Thanks to their high heat tolerance, they’re commonly used for making pizzas or baked goods like cookies and cupcakes, which are typically prepared at temperatures from 400–500°F (204.44–260°C). This is largely the reason why steel sheets and pans are preferable instead of other materials. 

Additionally, baking pans are also often made of materials outside of steel, such as ceramic and glass. Both ceramic and glass are considered grill-safe and can be used at the same temperature as a steel pan. 

Can You Put a Frying Pan Under a Grill?

You can only put a frying pan under a grill as long as it can tolerate high heat. Frying pans made of cast iron, aluminum, or stainless steel are safe for grilling purposes, but non-stick and Teflon pans aren’t.

It’s crucial to know what your frying pan is made of before subjecting it to any kind of intense heat. 

What Is the Best Pan Type To Use on a Grill? 

Over the years, many different types of pots and pans have come and gone. Though some have stood the test of time, only one type of pan can be used for anything and everything under the sun. 

Cast iron pans are by far the best type to use for any kind of grilling or smoking. This remarkable material can withstand the most intense heat a grill can produce. Not only will cast iron not break down under high temperatures, but it can also last indefinitely if cared for properly.

Here’s a popular YouTube video that shows how to clean a cast-iron pan properly after use.

By regularly cleaning and oiling your cast iron pan and making sure never to wash it with soap, your cast iron pan will last a very long time. 

Le Creuset Enamel Cast Iron Signature Iron Handle Skillet

If you’re looking for non-stick cookware that you can take to your grill, then cast iron is the answer. And Le Creuset has some of the best cast iron pans available on the market today. 

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Final Thoughts

A good rule of thumb when using pans on the grill is that if it’s oven-safe, it’s probably grill-safe.

If you want to grill at a lower temperature, non-stick pots and pans will do the job. However, you’ll have to use pans or pots made of ceramic, aluminum, stainless steel, or cast iron at higher temperatures. 

If you’re short on storage space and only have room for one or two pans, cast iron is the way to go. You can prepare any type of food at any temperature with a high-quality cast iron pan.