How Cold Is Dry Ice?

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You might have noticed the thick fog in concerts and theatre performances. The magic behind this phenomenon is dry ice.

If used optimally, it can make the entire stage or room foggy. However, dry ice should be handled with a lot of care since it’s very cold. Cold enough to eat through your skin like frostbites.

How cold is dry ice?

Dry ice is extremely cold at a temperature of -78.50C and varies from the ice you get in the freezer. It is composed of solid-state carbon dioxide.

The negative temperatures are achieved when carbon dioxide is pressurized and cooled. In this way, dry ice can remain at -78.50C without melting. 

dry ice cold

How Cold Is Dry Ice

As stated, theater managers and performers create low-lying fog using dry ice. Using unique mixers, the color of the fog can change to create a beautiful experience. Dry ice is extremely cold, and only experienced people should handle it.

At -78.50C, dry ice has many applications, especially in the food and medical industry. However, it is gaining massive popularity in the entertainment industry. When dry ice is mixed with water, thick fog is formed.

When you place dry ice in water, a vigorous reaction occurs, leading to gas formation. Dry ice sucks the heat from the cold water and sublimates from its solid state to its gas state. The effects are more dramatic when you use hot water.

Performance Using Dry Ice

If you are on a budget and want to impress your audience, consider using dry ice to bring out that magical foggy experience. You will need warm water and a cut of dry ice. It is important to take the necessary precautions when handling dry ice. 

If the dry ice comes into contact with your body, it will eat you like frostbite – which can be painful. Safety gloves should be used to handle dry ice. Also, avoid putting the apparatus in a crowded place. Instead, use a stand if you want to be close to the audience.

You can use a fan to enhance the experience. The fan will blow away the fog to the entire stage or room, creating a beautiful experience. Fog formation does not last long, but you can always repeat the process to develop more fog.

Can Dry Ice Burn You

Notably, dry ice is -78.5 degrees Celsius, which makes it very cold. These temperatures are too cold to touch with your bare hands. Think about a hot pan heated to around 78 degrees Celsius.

What happens when you place your finger on top? If you put it for a few milliseconds, nothing significant will happen. However, if you place your finger for more than a second, you will definitely get burned. 

The same case happens when you touch dry ice with your bare hands. However, the burning process is different. Dry ice burns more like severe frostbites. You will not get burnt if you touch dry ice in a millisecond.

If dry ice comes in contact with your body for a few seconds, it causes burns that can be observed as red sores.

In this regard, you should be careful handling dry ice during your theatre performance. If it gets in contact with your skin or eyes, it can result in severe frostbite.

Therefore, wear closed sleeves, gloves, and safety boots when performing. You can use tongs when carrying the dry ice from one place to another.

When performing, do not try a trick that involves ingesting dry ice. If something goes wrong, dry ice can lead to acute internal injury, which can be fatal depending on the extent of the damage.

Here is a video explaining other consequences of getting in contact with dry ice physically:

Can You Put Dry Ice In A Drink

A beautifully crafted cocktail always brings about a good experience. Those who love cocktails will tell you that cocktails served on dry ice are the coolest.

Dry ice is about 79 degrees Celsius. Therefore, a beautiful fog forms when dry ice sublimes in the cocktail glass.

Do not be terrified to try a cocktail served on dry ice. The experience is incredible as the fog rises above your glass, leaving a cold drink. However, it would help if you were careful not to swallow any of the dry ice.

The good thing is that the dry ice will sink and settle at the bottom while it sublimes. It does not harm or change the taste of your cocktail. It only brings about the cooling effect, which is impressive. The chilled cocktail is even better than that served on ice from the freezer.

Notably, the dry ice after it settles on the bottom of the glass does not take long to disappear completely. An inch of dry ice takes approximately 4 minutes to dissolve completely.

Therefore, the dry ice will disappear before you even seep three times. In this case, sip slowly from the top to avoid contacting the dry ice.

When serving to children, use specialized containers that hold the dry ice in place until it completely evaporates. Otherwise, avoid serving children cocktails with dry ice if this safety precaution is not implemented.

dry ice drink

Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice

Walmart is one of the largest retail stores in the world. It is conveniently located in almost all towns and cities in the US. You can get nearly anything in the store, including dry ice. 

Notably, many stores avoid selling dry ice due to its storage since it cannot be kept in regular freezers.

Walmart stocks dry ice, and a pound retails at $1.44. You can quickly locate it in the Penguin freezers just before the front of the store.

The price may vary depending on the location of the store. Nonetheless, the price varies between one and three dollars. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is dry ice dangerous?

Dry ice is dangerous when handled without care. Do not let dry ice come in contact with your body. Use protective equipment when performing using dry ice. 

Is dry ice cocktail harmful?

Absolutely not. Dry ice does not cause a change in the cocktail. However, handle it carefully and wait for it to sublime and disappear.

Final Thoughts

Dry ice has many applications in the food and medical industry. Recently, the entertainment industry has adopted its use to create foggy experiences in concerts and theatre performances. Posh drinks and cocktails are now being served on dry ice. 

Since dry ice is super cold, wear your protective garments when handling it. Also, follow all the instructions regarding its storage and application.